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Default Suze answers your tomato questions

I learned more from this Tomatoville Thread than any other thread that I have read in the 16 years I have been on this site. I found the thread, but I can't bump it so I thought I would link it.Thank you Suze, and Feldon
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I really miss both of them as posters here. This is the type of info that is a joy to read and would be gone forever if Tville ever closed for good. Can you believe the size and health of those plants in the pictures?

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I do too, Dee. In the early days, I looked for what Suze said about various varieties' taste, and if she recommended it, I tried to grow it. She wasn't wrong either.
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I joined...followed the stampede away from Gardenweb...back within a month or so of the grand opening. I don't consider myself much of a writer (and even less of a speaker), so I never have posted much. In 2011, local needs called me into service, and my garden became a couple of tomato plants in pots; kids getting older and involved in activities and local politics took up a lot of I still had a job.

I miss many posters, too. Even some that I think meant really well, but could be vaguely abrasive.

But, on a brighter note, of seeds saved from over 300 varieties during the period 2005-2011, I have decided on which I treasured the most,(pruned down to two or 3 representatives of each type) and only ONE that will not come up, is unavailable from commerical sources, seed savers, etc. And I may have a source for that one next autumn.

I live in a decidedly rural area, am retired (forcibly, but its OK) and have little need to go anywhere during the COVID crisis. My 94 acre farm has room to roam, so MY life is good. I pray for those less fortunate.
a day without fresh homegrown tomatoes is like... ...sigh
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I've also been around awhile as an ex member of Garden Web. I've always enjoyed tomatoville. I haven't said much in the winter and probably won't say much in the future since I've switched almost entirely to hybrid tomatoes. Still growing a lot of other stuff but not unlike what others are growing. I still enjoy reading other peoples thoughts and activities.

I am trying a few different hybrid varieties with seeming resistance to high heat and various diseases. I still miss Carolyn correcting me when I made an erroneous comment about disease resistance in tomatoes. It happened often because I often don't know what I'm talking about.
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