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Default Welding 101

I was talking to my nephew and he said he was welding something called Hastelloy. Said something about tungsten torch head was eleven thousand degrees or as he put it, yellow hot! He finished the weld then looped his torch over pipe that was handy. It swung around pipe and burned perfect half inch hole in his leg. Says he didn't need dr cause the heat cauterized the wound no blood Or anything. I says well, that worked out great no problem. He says , " not really uncle Jimmy , it hurt purty bad!" .
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A GATW torch can produce heat up to 35,000 degrees but that temperature is directed towards the steel it is melting.
The temperature is regulated by the amperage the welder is set on.
Mine has a thumb adjustment on the torch for adjusting will welding.
I like it better than the foot pedal.
The argon gas flowing around the welding area keeps the oxygen away and keeps the tungsten form melting down.
Happy Fermenting.
I Texas.
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