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Rajun Gardener
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This is the first time ever cooking them but I've seen them in the stores for years. I didn't use the prepackaged pack of ham/salt flavor for fear of it being loaded with chemicals that I don't need.

It's really a good heavy soup, I kicked up the spice and it's really nice. The smoked neck bones added a nice flavor and I'm sure it would be just as good with smoked sausage or smoked ham hocks.

The instructions called for a can of diced tomatoes but I didn't have any and I wasn't sure if tomatoes would make it better, to me it would be more like a chili.

Here's what I bought.
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Ate the ham beans 15 bean soup for years, now I dont have to.

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Originally Posted by upcountrygirl View Post
our area is bracing for a major winter storm. we went to aldi's last night for grocery and no joke they were fighting over a box of saltine crackers!

Rajun, that chili looks awesome! I'm going to have to try that recipe!

We bought a large bone in ham at Aldi's this week. They called it a half ham in their weekly ad on the Aldi's app. The price was $1.69 per lb., but when you check out, it lowers the price to $0.96 per lb. I paid a little more than $8.00 for a pretty large, pre-sliced ham. When I removed the ham from the bone, it filled five quart sized zip lock bags. We had some with our country breakfast, dinner last night It was delicious. The bone was frozen for use with a pot of beans the next time I cook beans. That really seems like a good deal to me and it will provide many meals and ham sandwiches.

Aldi's has some really good holiday season products right now. They are not all on special, but they are really good tasting. Many of them are special cheeses like port wine cheddar and cranberry or blueberry rolled goat cheese. I could live on cheese and crackers.
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