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Your seedlings did fine in their pots. The up-potted young plants did well too. Their roots filled the pots well, so perhaps it is the dryer drums that are inhibiting your root growth.
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Default I have found Sterile Moss

Hi ..I have been in contact with this company and have ordered some of their moss to use in a "Recipe" as I really need to start my seeds..
....My plans wether right or wrong is to use Moss with Perlite and Vermiculite plus some additives like calcium (yet to be determined ) this is a recipe from Cornell University ...this will be for my propagating cells ....I am going to try and germinate my seeds on a damp paper towel which is rolled up and put in a lock tight bag and put on a heating mat ...checked everyday till a root shows which I understand is usually pretty quick and then carefully each one will be put in the moss mix in individual propagating cells .....until 1 - 2 sets of true leaves appear .....They will then be put in a pot each of seed soil or Tomato Mix (with Mycorrhizae ) and put in the Growth chamber for 2 - 3 weeks for hardening off.....and then out into the glass house into a Washing Machine drum each (as long as the frosts are over ).......

Having carefully looked at the root systems of each of last seasons plants as they were taken out of the soil ...There is a huge difference in the Tasty Tom root structure of the Plants I got from a growing company through a garden centre (special Order ) and other plants wether they are my own attempts at raising seeds or normal plants purchased via the grower and gardening centre and this really concerns me ...Clearly something happened that I do not understand and have answers too ... My seeds and the growing companies normal plants were simply not growing properly ....they produced some fruit but slowly then it was too late for them to ripen ...However .I do recall buying my Black Cherry and Campari which were bought very early when the plants first arrived at the garden centre..Initially I grew both inside but after they were bleach sprayed and were not looking good they were taken outside into the greenhouse and that revived them...I did get an excellent crop from each and I noted that both had an excellent root structure.when I inspected it as they were pulled out.......Now it may have been due to them being planted early because it was not a good growing season and my other plants that were grown later suffered because of the weather etc....

Now I did get excellent results from growing laterals from the Special Tasty Toms ....and presently I am trying to establish if the Growing Company are going to have any "special" plants available later .especially of Tasty I could use this to my advantage...

My real concern now is the Moss/Perlite/Vermiculite Mix from CornelUniversity ..Its in parts and they mention 1/2 teaspoon of Calcium but of course this must depend on the quantity of the parts ???....I wonder if anybody could help me here ....Would Calmag be appropriate and is their anything else I can put with it ...Should I weigh the

Moss/Perlite/Vermiculite Mix first then work out the volume of additives....

Patti....First there will be less than 28 plants this season....I wondered about the washing machine drums also but I have spoken about this before ....I thought the root system would grow out into my washing machine drums..What I mean by this ..on transplanting I put some soil mix in the bottom of the drum with some calmag ...take my plant out of its plastic container and put it on the soil and fill in around it ........But at the end my plant roots never grew out into the surrounding soil that I put in...So my plants that I transplanted from for instance a small pot clearly kept its root shape and never took advantage of the new soil around it...Of course this never became evident until I removed the root structures from the drums three weeks back....IMO the root structure clearly defined the quality of the plant .....Big Root structure healthy plant....The 6 Tasty Toms I bought were in a much bigger pot than I was using and that could also be a lesson for me IE maybe transplant quickly into a larger pot before the root structure has time to constrict itself.....I feel I may have transplanted "too slowly" and damaged the future development of the plant no matter how much fertilizer I bought and put on......This season I am months ahead of where I was last season when my Greenhouse had not even been started at this time...

My greenhouse has been washed out and I will spray with bleach ....I have been told to burn sulphur in it to get at any nasties although I have only found the odd spider ...Powdery Mildew was a problem for me but only in certain varieties and I think it came from the garden centre ...I will not be growing any variety this season that was afflicted with powdery mildew...??...

Again thanks for all the info ...Any advice always welcomed...

I have attached photos of the good root structures ...others were terrible with a stem and barely any roots at all .....

Regards Ron...
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The 'poor' roots seem fine to me. There are many small roots that break when you pull the plant. If Tastytom are Campari, these are 1 euro per seed bought in bulk of thousand seeds. They're a premium hybrid, and probably have a very good vigour during all growing season for greenhouse growing.

On the bag of moss it should state the pH. If it's normal range (at least 5.5 I guess) than you shouldn't add any calcium carbonate. Not sure what you use for fertilizer (organic or inorganic), but calcium nitrate and magnesium sulfate are very useful additives for container gardening, and I would use those. You should note that there is probably quite a bit of calcium carbonate in the water (my tap water for example has 300ppm calcium carbonate).
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