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Default coleus cuttings

while visiting a pricey nursery today, I spotted two
beautiful coleus - Rustic Orange and Sedona. I picked
the two bushiest and tallest and decided it is certainly
early enough to take cuttings. Which would be better -
rooting in water or with rootone in planting mix? I think
I can get at least 3 cuttings from each plant, maybe 4.
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Coleus is really very easy to root. Four inch pots are good for this. Strip a 3-4 inch cutting to two sets of top leaves, and plunge into moistened potting mix. No rooting hormone is necessary. Keep out of direct sun until rooted.
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Lucky you to find the coleus sedona. Let us know how the cuttings go! I hope next year to see it in the regular catalogs as seed not plants....
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