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Default Call for Entries (and Entrees!)

If you are attending the MAGTAG tomato festival on August 26 and would like to enter a dish in one of our cooking competitions, please post to the threads I've started for each of the proposed categories. If any category receives fewer than three entries, that competition will be canceled (or in the case of Sauce – folded into the General category). If possible, make a BIG batch of whatever you are entering, as I’m sure many attendees would enjoy tasting your creations (see note about judging below). You are welcome to enter as many different dishes as you like in any category.
If you are posting your entries here on, please try not to double-post to the corresponding threads on GardenWeb or The Garden Forums, where MAGTAG is also being discussed.

NOTE: The loosely organized, self-appointed MAGTAG committee is looking for a qualified judge for these "subjective" food contests (as well as the Beauty Contest and Ugliest Tomato). This is not necessary for some other contests, like the Best Tasting Variety (which will be decided by votes cast by all interested MAGTAG participants) and largest tomato (which, of course, will be weighed).

Our first choice for judge is checking his schedule to see if he can make it. If he isn’t available, we might need to ask for a volunteer or volunteers. Having a judge would make it easier on the organizers of this event, as we wouldn’t have to tally more votes!

After the judge(s) has/have determined the winners of the food competitions, MAGTAG participants will be allowed to devour the entries on a first-come, first-served basis.

If you have any questions or suggestions regarding the cooking contests, please post them here.
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