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Grew them in my garden. I've got a couple beds of hardneck garlic that comes back each year. A bulbil pod, according to type, can have from 10 to 40 bulbils when hardnecks mature in July. If you plant the pod or they fall off, the next spring they'll all come up as a bunch of garlic seedings.

Worth probably won't believe it, but I'll bet I've got more coming up than he does. :-)
"Seriously think about what you're about to do/say before you do it and the outcome will always be better." Earl
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Earl, I replant the bulbils also.
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Wow, this sounds like fun. Dare I set up a prennial garlic garden? As much as I buy at the store, should've thought of this earlier.

Identifying garlic is done mostly by consensus. Many are like trying to identify the difference between twins.
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