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Old June 12, 2016   #16
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I have bsf maggots in my compost for most of the year and they give a funny smell, I find it gag-worthy. It isn't the anaerobic rot smell, it's just a different, weird smell. So, weird gag worthy smell may also be maggots.

Yes, this is a legit form of composting. Yes, it works. Yes, it is safe. They're a native fly where I live and I couldn't keep them out of my compost if I tried.
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Default BSF?

Black soldier flies?

For decades, I thought the adults were handsome, black bees! They're the workhorse heroes of manure-infused composting; they do good, quick work, and the results are earthy, not poopy.

You can use any kind of animal flop . . .
I agree.
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My big horse manure hot compost pile from this spring has lots of tiny white mycelium through it. Smells real nice like mushrooms in the forest.
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My compost pile comprises of tree leaves and garden scraps if fully finished have a fresh earthy smell, otherwise nothing.

I prefer to put kitchen scraps in the compost tumbler, I gets too many visits from possum, cats and racoon otherwise.

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I agree with loulac. If it smells that bad, it's not getting enough oxygen and it's producing anaerobic bacteria, vs aerobic. Compost is made from aerobic bacteria, sewer sludge is made from anaerobic. Stay away from that stuff. If you put it on a veggie garden it will pollute the veggies and can make you sick.
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