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I ordered German Porcelain from last year and was very pleased. They are supposed to do well in cold climates. I planted them in October like always and this July I harvested nice big heads with good sized cloves in each head.

They are supposed to be good for long storage but this is my first year with them so I really can say how well they will store but I am happy with them so far.
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Originally Posted by SueCT View Post
I cancelled my order with Filaree. They said the music and Chesnok Red would probably be OK, but the Northern White would probably b 1.75" because most the stock was already spoken for. That was the one I can't get or haven't seen locally, lol. I will see what I find locally and maybe think about ordering some in January for next year. Depends on what I find. The problem is I would have to order before I even see what comes out of the garden next season and what I have to plant for the following year. Ordering 10 months in advance is kinda crazy. I don't know if I need any until I see my own harvest.

I grow Chesnok Red and have a ton of bulbils I can send you. I could also sent a bulb or two. Just enough to get you started. My average bulb was 1.75-2" and the largest was just over 2.5". The bulbs would be closer to the average. PM me if your interested.

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Thank you, Zach, I am going to see what is available locally if I need some I will certainly take you up on the offer. Very nice of you.
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