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Default Cold survivors

Over summer planted brandywine, German striped, Cherokee purple and Pink Berkeley Tie Dye in 20 15 gal containers. Temperatures have dipped to 32 a few times lately. Cherokee and German folded like cheap suit. PBTD good. Brandywine seems to be holding up the best. 3 weeks ago I tested germination with handful of each in 2 gallon containers. As seedlings they all died except to Brandywine that were larger and sturdy. The 28 sprouts of Orange Bell peppers all died except for four. Also placed one seed each of seeds I received fro Gerardo in solo cups. Half germinated , and out these the survivors are Cheste, Fred's tie dye, Copper River, Koraleva and Zarca. Hope this is helpful to someone. .jimbo
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Some years ago I planted a Druzba for a neighbor in a 7-10 gallon pot, and it survived the winter mostly because it was next to the house rather than in an open area. At the community garden, everything gets frosted first, because it's a big open area with cold winds that travel at ground level.

I've also kept peppers alive in containers under the house eaves on the SW side of the house, where they get more sun in the winter than in the summer. I tried growing peppers and dwarf tomatoes there in the summer and got almost nothing, but last February I picked a cherry tomato from one of the under-the-eaves plants.
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