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Originally Posted by greenthumbomaha View Post
Hi Chef B. Nice for us northerners to see some green.

Its true tomatoes are solitary creatures. When I can't separate two seedlings I plant them in the same hole. I get lulled into the twice as much dream. Never happens. Same water same fertilizer. The two plants always under produce compared to a properly spaced plant. Peppers are the opposite. They do great paired up. The companion basil is a good idea. Chop them down frequently.

Good luck with your new container venture. Report back on you sip's..

- Lisa
I'm also going to have peppers growing, so its nice to know they like company. I love basil, and lots of other herbs. I have 1 gal pots reserved just for the different herbs I want to start.

Anyone know where I can get true French tarragon? It doesn't seed so you need to get a off shoot. Most garden centers only have russian variety
Chef Bert
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