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I started the two 72 cell flats three days ago. Our high temps were in the 70s, but low temps near 40, so I brought them in at night. I left them inside today as I was in a sort of hurry to go to the doctor 50 miles away. We needed to stop to eat breakfast along the way so my wife could take her medicine.

I forgot to put the marigold trays outside. We did remember to leave the windows open because the high for the day was in the mid-eighties. (I guess I should explain - it is safe for us to leave the windows open and the doors unlocked where we live - even when we are not at home. I know that sounds odd in this day and time, but it can happen.) Anyway, when we finally got home 7.5 hours later, there were two trays of marigolds breaking the surface. Unintentionally, we provided what they needed to germinate.
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