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Old March 20, 2017   #16
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This are called Yum Yums where I live I think.
They are the only fresh sweet pepper I buy anymore.
The only other fresh peppers I buy are jalapeno, habanero, manzano, and poblano.
Happy Fermenting.
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Old September 24, 2017   #17
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I grew a few plants from a bag of "Pirro family farms" mini-sweet this season.

Ultimately there were two types of peppers that came off of these. One with a pepper that had the profile of a jalapeno but was very sweet. More or less exactly like they appeared in the store bag. All of those eventually turn red. These I have used and eaten like candy all year.

But then another type emerging from those same seeds grew peppers looking like a very small bell that stays green. They are also sweet but too small and I have seldom used them this season with others being more practical.
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Old September 25, 2017   #18
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I just picked a lot of "mighty minis" yesterday, they are just like the ones I bought at store last year. Sweet, juicy, crunchy... like the post above, I've noticed a couple different types, one is the shape of a jalapeño that can be orange, yellow, or red. The orange ones look just like some I'm growing called Sweet Orange Crunch that I got from Cole Robbie. The other type from the mighty minis is a small bell about the size of a half dollar. They are green, yellow or red. I spent a couple hours yesterday cleaning them and packing in ice water overnight,I'm going to can them today. I'll get pics
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Old September 25, 2017   #19
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I grew some one year, and got a variety of shapes, and sizes; all good and sweet. It was fun, kind of like an easter egg hunt. Most were seedless.
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