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Default Ají

Aji is the word used by my South American wife and her family to refer to the chile . . .
Do they say, "Ah-HEE", emphasis on the second syllable?

Writing it without the accent mark may be leading us to mispronounce the word.

Bolivian reference

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Originally Posted by Starlight View Post
...Wow! I didn't realize they would get that tall. Thanks for sharing. I'll make sure they go in the section I can overhead tie up. Do they spread out wide too?
I let my plants grow how ever they want, meaning I don't top or prune them. I only provide support. Having said that, no they do not spread noticeably; probably 1.5 to 2 feet. Much more tall and thin. I'm sure if you top them or prune them or let them sprawl without support, they'll be shorter and fatter.
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