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Fred Hempel
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It is about 60 days here. Sometimes a bit sooner and sometimes a bit later.
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OK. Mine was planted in the end of May, so hopefully the first fruits will be ready by late July..
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Mine was planted beginning of June and then we had a cold spell which it didn't' like at all. It looks like it's finally taking off, but I'm waging a war with squirrels. Green tiger on the other hand is going nuts!
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Originally Posted by remy View Post
With both plants being PL, I know I put the wrong seed into the packet (Packets are filled to order.) We did speak awhile back, and I said it could be any PL plant in my L-Z selections. It is most likely a tasty beefsteak.
Hi Remy:
The tomato seed mix up was a GOOD mistake for me, hon! The plants were potato leaf, produced BIG pink, delicious tomato's, and they resisted blight longer than any other tomato plant-even lasting longer than the 'disease resistant' hybrids. Those plants did well when every tomato in the garden was a fail.
I still have some of that seed too.
I will grow some Maglia Rosa tomatoes this year. I can't wait to try them
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