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If you're looking for Marconi seeds and can't find them anywhere else, checkout -- the have both the red and yellow.
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Thank FD, but that is a different Marconi. There may be a connection in the parentage though.I didn't see much about its history with a quick search. The plant I wanted to grow is a hybrid. It was a 2001 AAS (All America Selections) winner. It is supposed to be earlier to ripen than the OP Marconi. I grow several different strains of the OP Marconi, but they all seem to ripen very late despite some of the hot summers we had recently.

A few sellers have the FI, but the seed is advertised as treated (prefer seeds that will ve viable for the future) I'm wondering if there are any other opinions on the F1 as to taste and production.

- Lisa
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I love the yellow Marconis! Bigger and a little more flavor than the red.
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I grew one Marconi (store plant) couple of years ago , up in PNW. But in the cool and mostly shaded spot I got 2 or 3 peppers of of it.

Happy Gardening !
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Not all sweet peppers taste the same, but many of them seem pretty close to the same. You could try heatless jalapenos or heatless habaneros. They may taste different. So far, I think the most unique-tasting sweet peppers I've personally tried have been these:

* White Cloud (tastes awesome partially dried on a sandwich)
* Jimmy Nardello Italian (super sweet)
* Chervena Chushka (still tastes a lot like a standard bell pepper, but it has unique flavor qualities that are awesome; it has a strong taste for a sweet pepper and I think it's nice for cooking)
* Sweet Banana peppers (they taste at least kind of different, but are fairly mild, and still taste like peppers, of course)

Some sweet peppers sometimes taste like cherries, but they can be bells. I had an F2 hybrid bell pepper that was like that. I think Georgescu Chocolate sometimes was. Some other kinds sometimes were.

I haven't tried the Marconi peppers, but the red and yellow Marconi are on my grow list.

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