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My garlic is from Yong's, I can only grow Creoles in my climate. It tastes good, very good raw.

It does meh for me, probably because of my lackluster care of it. I left this year's where it was (dug up some, didn't split into cloves) and will see what it does next year. It probably needs a while to adapt to my yard. I've noticed it starts to die back in March/April for me, but considering it is 90f then, that's probably on time. I've got Rose Lautrec and Cuban Purple Creole garlic, to be specific.
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Originally Posted by bjbebs View Post
I was the source of your " Wisc." garlic. I live in central Illinois and have been growing it for 30 years. It is an unknown variety to me. A good fist sized bulb that stores well for many months with that good strong garlic taste.

One chef I sell to takes all the scapes the crop produces. What he does with them is beyond me. I dropped off a good 30 plus lbs. yesterday, with more to come. After a long drive the car still reeks with a strong garlic odor.

The longer you plant that variety the better it gets. It's virtually foolproof.
Thanks and sorry I made over 30 trades from seeds to scion wood. So I would have to research to find you. I remember I could not have anything you needed, you sent it for free. I will pass that along to others for sure. It seems the more I give away, the more comes to me. I grow blackberries, raspberries, peaches, plums, currants, strawberries, and about 25 other fruits, so I always give away stuff. I really appreciate the offer, and you sent at least 10 bulbs. I could not use anywhere near that many, but enough to keep it going for sure. And all the ones I planted were perfect huge cloves. Plus I had all this garlic to eat! It's a very nice garlic. I think at this point you should give it a name if you have not yet? It is doing very well. The tallest garlic plants I ever saw! No doubt the bulbs are going to be massive! Again thanks, so generous, such a beautiful garlic. Very tasty too.
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Originally Posted by Worth1 View Post
Bower artichoke is all I have tried to grow.
Elephant should do well but it isn't a true garlic.
Argentina is a big long country with many climates and altitudes suitable for anything.
Worth, check out this link for more garlic information than you can shake a stick at:
That site is Gourmet Garlic Gardens.

Bob Anderson is the mastermind behind this website and he is happy to talk garlic with anyone who wants to learn about any aspect of growing. His phone number is listed on the site, so I think it's okay to share it here as well: (325) 348-3049.

Bob is located in Texas (Bangs, Texas if you know where that is). Ask him anything. I've learned a great deal from a couple of phone calls to him over the years. He got me to try growing the Creole Red up here in Ohio even though it is more of a warm climate variety, and it works and I love it!

Worth, I think you would have a blast talking with this guy, seriously. You will then become our resident TVille garlic expert!

Give him a call, and check out his website. There is a ton of great information filed there.
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Georgian Fire!!!

Hot with large cloves. Only 5-8 per head! If recipe calls for 3-4 cloves, use ONE and you'll be fine!

Growing it again this year!

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Pskem seems to be a winner so far in the flavor department as far as scapes are concerned.

But then it's only comparing Georgian fire with pskem scapes so far. Pskem has a stronger more pungent smell by about 5 fold so far. So far, anxiously awaiting my other garlic a to scape.
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Originally Posted by gssgarden View Post
Georgian Fire!!!

Hot with large cloves. Only 5-8 per head! If recipe calls for 3-4 cloves, use ONE and you'll be fine!

Growing it again this year!

Sounds great. Where do you buy your seed garlic? Since I'm in NC and love garlic I will try this one. I love hot spicy garlic and large bulbs.
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i grew georgian crystal, asian tempest, chesnok red, and music for several years, and they have done well for me. i still have some in my garlic mix. i have a couple german varieties that do well also.

idaho silver never did very well here. bulbs lasted a long time, but kept getting smaller, and less vigorous over several years, so i gave up. i stick to hard necks now. nothing else i have tried lasts very long here.

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I find it interesting that most of the porcelains have only 4 cloves, but some have 6. The Music I have is strictly a 4 clove garlic I think... but the Argentina has 6, and that makes a big difference when it comes to set aside for replanting. They're just as big or bigger, but more of them. Northern Quebec are mostly fours as well, if I recall. Great size however.
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My growing partner grew 8 varieties the year before last in a very well prepared bed and got one hundred percent germination except for Music. We both chose Music as our favorite when tasted raw - (he called it a bowl of spaghetti in your mouth) but it was dropped from the planting done last fall. I saved a few cloves and planted them in my raised bed. Germination was about 50 per cent, which I am still happy with. Upon hearing it did well for others maybe a different seed source is in order. Truly a delicious garlic.

- Lisa
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