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Old March 15, 2017   #16
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Location: NC - zone 8a - heat zone 7
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Wah hapin ?
Now is getting close to growing pepper season !
I forgot to grow Poblano in my grow out batch. Planted out some later and now got baby sprouts .
Poblano is great on the grill, stuffed, and just plain eating at every stage.

Happy Gardening !
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Old March 16, 2017   #17
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Location: Delaware
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Of the 12 varieties of hot and sweet peppers I started, only the Chinese Giant and Pablanos didn't germinate. I will have to purchase the plant starts this year. Fortunately, they are very easy to find around me.

I think pablanos are one of the most flavorful peppers. I'm getting hungry just thinking about them.
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Old March 16, 2017   #18
Join Date: Jan 2015
Location: AL
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I've got plenty of Poblano pepper seeds I saved from big fruits this past season if anybody wants some. Don't know which variety it is, but they was big and good and not too, too hot.
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Old March 16, 2017   #19
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I have some growing in party cups and will look at transplants locally. I have not had the best of luck with Poblanos so far. I'm not giving up though. I would rather grow Poblano than Bells.
Salt, AlittleSalt, Robert
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