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1) Don't treat peppers like tomatoes in this regard. They will root from farther up the stem, but aren't anxious to do so. When potting up seedlings, I'll bury the stem a little deeper (3/4"?) than it is in the cell, but not so it will root.

2) Heat mat not required, unless you keep it cold in the grow space.

3) Nonsense. They dislike over watering and will often die to tell you about it. Wilting they don't mind at all. In fact, peppers protect themselves from extreme heat by wilting (losing turgor) to drop their leaves edge-on to the sun.

Use wilting to get the rhythm of when to water. After a while you'll be able to tell when they just look thirsty.

Now, will water deprivation encourage capsaicin production? Seems to be the consensus.

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Yes, water pepper plants less often. I've read so many different things about pepper lighting. When they're seedlings, they need lights like tomato seedlings. After being potted up, I find that while they are still small - they still need the lighting like tomato plants need. Once they get larger than what you buy in six packs, they prefer sunlight. Just be careful with temperatures. Pepper plants do not like 50 degrees and colder. For me, if it isn't 60+ degrees outside - they stay in the house.

Here in this area, you need to provide some shade during the hottest times (July through mid-September.) We think of peppers as loving hot days. They are actually tropical and like air temperatures between 70 and 90 degrees.
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