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Ken B
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Default Yellow jalapenos

I'm having fun thinking about peppers we can trial next year for SESE (Southern Exposure Seed Exchange). Jalapenos have been on my wishlist for a while; we carry the basic organic jalapeño that's available wholesale, have always wanted to offer some other ones -- specifically, yellow ones, mild ones, and big-fruited ones.

I'll make this thread be for the yellow ones, and start separate threads later for the mild ones and big-fruited ones. Looking for OPs to try, but might throw in a hybrid for comparison.

So, yeah, any suggestions?
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dmforcier's Avatar
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So what are you looking for? Recommendations? Experience in growing them? Seeds?

Sorry, I have none of the above for yellow japs.

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Here's a link about a few types:

Jalaro is the yellow. I haven't tried it. I have had the purple, and wasn't that impressed. I am going to try Biker Billy for the first time next summer. Mucho Nacho is huge; they get bigger than the 4" stated in that article, more like 4-6". Similar to Mucho Nacho, there are a lot of hybrids that grow huge peppers. I've seen a lot of 6" jalapenos in the grocery store.

Weather conditions, especially rainfall, determine the heat level. I have had jalapenos taste like green bell peppers if there is a lot of rain.
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Santa Fe Grande is OP and grown annually in my garden. It has only moderate heat, which is just right for me. Fairly early and prolific. I tried Jaloro one year, but didn't do as well with smaller sickly plants. Could have been the seeds, as I think germination was not great either. I received a purple Jalapeno last season, and it was very slow to grow and ripen.

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I grew the Numex Jalapeno Lemon Spice this last year. Really pretty yellow with good flavor. SHU probably around 4000 - a little hotter than the advertised 2-3000. Production was only decent but it got shaded out by a neighboring pepper plant that got huge. Good enough to give it another go this next year. Made some spectacular looking jars of Cowboy Candy with the red, green, and orange ones with it.
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Ken B
Join Date: Jul 2011
Location: central Virginia
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Thanks for article link! It lists Numex Piñata Jalapeño as another possibility, so between that one, Jaloro, and Numex Jalapeño Lemon Spice, that's 3 already for us to look at...
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I grow Jaloro, and like it. It grows yellow/white, and turns red when ripe. I think it's a bit on the mild side compared to other jalapeños I grow.

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Like Cole, I tried the purple and didn't like it. The plant not only didn't grow as nice as the other plants, but it took forever to get fruit and production for me was very poor and small fruits.
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