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Default Greek Columnar basil at Jungle Jim's

I've been looking for this basil for awhile. Found it at Jungle Jim's 2 for $5.

TerriFlorida from Plant City, FL wrote:

I bought this from farther north as O. b. "Greek Columnar" last spring. I bought five, but I didn't need to. This plant here grows nearly 3' tall and is strictly columnar until the branches get too heavy. They break and flop over, I cut them away and hang them upside down to dry or stick them in the ground where they root very readily here.

If you love to cook with basil, this is your plant. You don't have to cut off flowers. You have to cut the plant back. It is accepting of pot culture, so would be easy to protect where not hardy. It is ridiculously easy to get more of. It is highly aromatic, stronger than annual basils (I've grown many kinds) and more complicated. I don't cook, but luckily I know lots of people who do! :-)

On Jan 9, 2003, mystic from Ewing, KY (Zone 6a) wrote:

If you want a basil to grow year round this would be it. This basil does not flower or produce seed. Needs warm temperatures to do well.
On Aug 14, 2001, herbin from Park Hill, OK (Zone 5b) wrote:

A tender perennial basil that does not bloom. Small green leaves with purple veins. Propagated by cuttings. An unusual scented basil. The fragrance is spicy, of cinnamon, allspice and cloves,and even citrusy.
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Sounds good to me! I'm trying a new basil this year: Napolitano - and so far its a beast! One of those lettuce leaf types -

I'm def. going to have to get my hands on this perennial Greek variety though -

~ Tom
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There is a VERY attractive sport of this called Pesto Perpetuo (name's a bit too cute, in my book). I tripped over it at a garden shop, bought one, and then started to look it up (it having been nameless at the shop).

BTW, if you want to keep one of these over the winter, the biggest hazard I've found is scale. Somehow, the plant looks clean when it comes in but the little critters have found it and make themselves at home.

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