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Default Cleaning up the garden

Hi to everyone!

I've been cleaning up the tomato patch this week. Always a sad time for me to know my tomato season is over.'s well past time to clean up. The patch is ratty looking as all get out and the deer have moved in to feast on the leftovers. I hoard every knotty little tomato and try to stretch them as long as possible. They never taste as good, but they are still better than the cardboard store tomatoes.

Believe it or not, this was by far my most productive tomato year yet. I knew when I was at the taste fest that my maters were thisclose to being ready and by the next weekend, I had plenty of tomatos to eat and plenty to give away. Disease problems were minimal.

I'm already dreaming about next year. I plan to put in a trellis shelving type system later this fall. My cages were just not big enough. I'll probably be begging for a few seeds, as well.

Just wanted to touch base with everyone and see how things are going. I forgot the fella's name that I offered he could grow as many tomatoes here as he needed to. The offer still stands. I suppose I'll see you all at the plant swap
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Hi Barbee,
I've been waiting for it to turn a bit cooler before I start to put my garden to bed for the winter. We're probably being setup for a real blast of cold soon. My plants are still producing tomatoes and my peppers also. I just pulled about 40 lbs of beets, minus the tops. Will pickle them.

Time to start planning for next Spring.
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Hello I just pulled plants last night. Put it off till a chance of a ripe one. Not to many green to pick. Had a good season.My plants got so out of control, I could not save seeds from that garden.. Only one was a midfit. Supposed to be Cherkee Chocolate. It was a pear shaped chocolate about 1 oz. Very meaty. I kept it for freezing.Well that leaves me wanting Chrekee chocolate. Cabbage, lettuce and cilantro left.
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My tomatoes were pulled a while ago. Once they start looking bad I can't bear to look at 'em anymore. Just pulled all the peppers from the greenhouse day before yesterday and put the hoses and cages away. That's officially the end of the season. So what does a person do? Go through and sort out my seeds of course! I have about 2500 seeds by a good guestimate and am dreaming of that land I want to buy to plant all of 'em!

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