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Default Planting Question

How long (hours/days) do you wait to plant after you cut the potatoes? How deep do you plant the cut potatoes?
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I have planted potatoes for over 30 years now. I don't claim to be an expert but have some experience. You can plant your cut potatoes the next day or wait two or three, doesn't matter. I usually plant mine about 4" deep in rows about 2 feet apart with spacing about 6 to 8". I shouldn't have to say this but make sure the eye is pointing up. I had someone help me a few years back and they just threw them into the row I had dug and about half of them did not come up.
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I agree with the above. As soon as the cut surface is dry, you are OK to plant. This year I waited 2 days after cutting and I plant mine fairly shallow, like 2-3" and then when the sprouts start to appear I add straw around them and keep piling it up as they grow.

Here is this year's potato bed. 2 rows of Kennebec and 2 rows of Lehigh Yellow.

20200512_125338 (2) by Brownrexx, on Flickr
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You should plan to cut them at least 2-3 days before planting to allow them to properly form enough suberin on the cut surfaces. I have planted sooner than that, but there is a higher chance of infection of the tuber if it is not properly cured.
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