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Originally Posted by Deborah View Post
Do any of you eat the leaves?
I usually companion plant my nasturtiums with my runner beans, to act as a sacrificial plant for black aphids. But this year I grew them indoors so I could try eating the leaves I didn't enjoy eating them - for a spicy salad leaf I prefer rocket/arugula. I am going to let them go to seed, and try pickling the seeds to use as capers
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That sounds like a fun experiment. I've never had the courage to eat a leaf. Maybe I will sometime!
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I planted nasturtium seeds, without filing or soaking or anything else on 3/31/17 and just discovered them with the two first leaves on them. The zinnia is coming up also in the same pot, planted on the same day. I have decided that even though it might be a bird or something that might nick a seed to make it germinate, I am not doing anything to a seed before I plant it the first time.

If it doesn't germinate I will follow the package, but I figure mother nature knows best, lol. Besides, if I have to baby an herb or flower as much as I do veggies, I don't want it in my garden. I'm going to go the easy way out with herbs and flowers.
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