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Default June strawberry as annuals

Anyone here plant June bearing strawberry crowns as annuals?
Thinking about giving it a go. Seems common in europe and Japan, the large crowns don't seem to be available in the US, but maybe tighter planting of the smaller ones will work.
Can't really do long day berries here SWD gets them mid season. 7 day spray schedule is not for me.....

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......and I misread that. I have never seen junebearing that are grown as annuals. we let them grow for the first year without berries and then allow to bear the 2nd year. you could give it a try but you may not get many berries.

we spray malathion spinosad and mustang max on a rotation. none are a 7 day wait, but on raspberries. we have never seen the swd on strawberries. they are usually done by the time swd arrives here in mid July. mustang max is a one day wait but you can't spray more than 6x a season and it is restricted license only so we rotate. spinosad is the least effective.
carolyn k

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Thx Carolyn.
Nick at Nourse said sure if you throw enough $$at it. Ask for A+ sort on the crowns and plant them early.
I may try that, the crowns aren't expensive for a home garden.
He did recommend matted row which is the traditional method.

For the annual route he recommended everbearing plants, and claims zero loss with exclusion covers and cultural control of pick them almost ripe, pick them daily, and leave no ripe berries behind. I know myself well enough to know thats not going to happen. SWD is here and I'm not going to win, but I may sneak a june crop in before they come.
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