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Default Colorado Potato Beetle 9 June 2017 Colorato Potato Beetle Eggs.
The last several days six adult Colorado Potato Beetles were removed from the potatoes. Today looking under the lower leaves of the plants several clusters of eggs were found and removed. Every egg would develop into a voracious larvae if allowed to mature. An adult female can lay as many as 500 eggs during the season. They are removed by picking in a small patch of potatoes, but a large field must be heavily sprayed or complete destruction of the crop occurs.

ttp:// rvae/HTML/ 13 June 2017 Colorado Potato Beetle Larvae
Today about 25 larvae were removed from potatoes. All the eggs found were removed apparently some were left. I tour the potato patch several times a day and remove all the larvae for about three weeks. I resist using pesticides. The Colorado Potato Beetle is truly the bane of most potato growers.
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