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Well, I guess it is time to make an announcement. I have been worrying over this for a couple of weeks now. I was late in setting out my plants. I planted first week of May. As it stands now my tomatoes will not peak till probably first of Aug. I am getting a steady amount of tomatoes each day but not what I need to host a tasting. As the primary supplier of tomatoes I cannot host a tasting if there are no tomatoes. I do the tasting as a thank you to my customers who buy my plants each year and for the hard core growers in SC NC that come to share information and ideas but mainly to have a family reunion of sorts for local tomato enthusiasts. As it stands at best I might have a dozen varieties with a few of each.

The second issue is this drought. We had a wet spring, first since 1997 according to my records. This rain was greatly needed and welcomed but was a part of the reason for my late planting. Now since June 11 I have not had any rain with temps over 90 deg. My garden is primarily for Heirloom seed preservation and growing out heirlooms for several seed companies to include Southern Exposure Seeds, Baker Creek, Clemson Univ and Fedco seeds. With limited water resources and my failure to put down drip irrigation in the spring, when we were getting more than plenty of water , I ended up with not physically being able to water everything in the garden and with my full time job and no real help I am not able to put down the irrigation system. Long story short the tomatoes I grow are for myself and the tasting everything else including some other tomatoes are for seed companies who are expecting seeds for 2010. So the tomatoes have not been watered for 3 weeks and are about burned up.

So it is with regret but there will not be a tasting this year. Come hell or high water there will be a tasting next year at my home with BBQ and the fixings and bluegrass music. I had originally planned a big event for 2010 to celebrate the 5th tasting, our son’s first and our first grandchild( granddaughter Natalie due Oct 30) so now I will have more steam to make it happen. I hope everyone else tomatoes are doing fine and if anyone one is interested I will be home on the 18th and at 0900 I will gladly spend the morning touring the garden and talking tomatoes etc. Just send me an e-mail that you plan to come and I will plan for you. Rodger Winn
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Well, dang!

But, you know I understand. Don't feel bad, life happens, but not always the way we want it to, ya know? We've had the same conditions around here, just a much smaller garden to tend.

And, hey, this is South Carolina, with the football teams around here, we're used to saying "Wait 'til next year!"
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Sorry about your tomatoes. Looking forward to next year.
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