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Rajun Gardener
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The plant in the first 2 pics are still growing, I might even have a big potato or 3 in there.
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Originally Posted by Worth1 View Post
I just put mine in a container of soil with about half of them sticking out and collect the slips as they grow.
Treat it like a house plant.

Yes, and quite pretty.
I had no idea what I was doing and surprised to see sprouts
popping out everywhere. Unlike potatoes that have pretty clear
'eyes'. In soil I suppose they need to be kept very wet or always
at least damp. Since the water glass method is, well, wet.

I got spooked about a fungus gnat problem so I went with the
water method and I could keep an eye on them for rot. Seems
most pros with a good size family plot use the soil method in a
bin along with other veg starts under lights.

Also did not know sweet potatoes are in the morning glory family
and not a nightshade like potatoes.
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