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Great thread. I like the confluence of geometry and gardening.

I have a large raised bed that is 18 by 25 feet, and I plant 5 rows of indeterminates - great big ones like Cherokee Green - with a rebar trellis 7 feet high. I use the weaving technique to support them into they grow tall enough to throw over the rebar, at which time they grow downward. I have plenty of room for suckers, so don't de sucker them at all.

So my rows are 3 feet apart, and each tom is 3 feet from the other, so I get 30 big plants.

The rest of the raised bed goes to strawberries, collards, kale, peppers, etc.

The soil is refreshed every year with fresh compost from mulched oak leaves, composted with coffee grounds, and plenty of wood ash from the fireplaces in the house.

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Reading all the above is very encouraging to me a pruning newbie. Don't know why I've never tried it before but I think it would be perfect for me. I can grow more plants AND I will have far fewer leaves to blast with water for spider mites control.
So exciting to try new methods of growing anything. If it doesn't work for you, move on to the next project.
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