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Thank you mdthgrdner I was worried. I'm thinking it's the f2"s that are not germinating well.
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Hi Charley,
Just a quick follow up to my PM about germination. My seeds were the F2s and although I had given up on them, a few have shown some life. I germinate them in wet paper towels and after almost a month 1 seed of about 20 I started showed a little root emerging yesterday and then another is sprouting today. I had started a second group of seeds a couple weeks ago after the first showed no signs of life, but nothing there yet. So, it does look like I will get at least a plant or 2 which is great. I've never had tomato seeds take so long but I guess if they are right at the end of their viability it just takes longer to get them going.

I'll plan to save seed from these for my own use and in case anyone wants some from an earlier generation.
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Harry Cabluck
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Charley--Success! One June Bug has germinated. Still have hopes. Thanks for the offer to bring a plant to Austin, but will be ok for now. Did pass a few seeds to a fellow grower, but dunno if she will sow them this year. Of four other varieties, have nine potted up and in coldframe...and looking good.
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