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Default Indigo Tomatoes

Hi everyone,

I am thinking about growing perhaps Indigo Kumquat or another Indigo. I know a few people who have grown some Indigo's and said they are beautiful but no one has raved about the flavor. Would anyone grow them for the flavor if they were just plain old red or pink? For me, flavor is supreme due to limited space.


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My opinion is no. I don’t like antho tomatoes personally. There are a few that taste alright but none I have tried that I would say taste even “ very good” certainly not great in my garden. I’m not growing any this year or in future as All I have tried have been dissapointing in my garden. All novelty no taste for me.
As well I find they are especially disgusting cooked so only of use raw imo so it depends do what you intend to do with your crop.

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I've only grown indigo cherry drops, but it's a good one. Everyone loves the flavor and it's my first tomato of the year, and a consistent producer the rest of the year.
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Indigos, around here aren't grown for taste, they are pretty!
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The only one I've liked for taste is a small cherry called Blue Berry. It has dark blue shoulders and a mauve pinkish lower half, but the interior is a red with good tomato flavor. It has none of the weird aftertaste I usually find in blues. But there are quite a few other tomatoes I've liked more.

If you can give us an idea of what else you're growing and how much space you have you can probably get some useful suggestions for what to grow.

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Have grown two or three, and they were like usual red tomatoes at best - nothing amazing. The flavor improved greatly in the oven and that is how they were brilliant.
Indigo Cherry drops is one of which I have read many raving reviews, might want to try them one day .. I have seeds but with so many delicious varieties I haven't really wanted to 'risk' it..

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When Indigo Blue Berries was first available, I grew three plants. All were very pretty cherries. One, however tasted awful. One, red under the black, tasted darned nice. One was yellow underneath, and also tasted great. I saved seeds from the two tasty strains, and for several years now they have grown true. Then, last year, one of my Ambrosia Gold plants produced fruit with a bit of antho, and they tasted good. We'll see if they grow out true. But I dropped Indigo Rose for lack of good flavor. I'm in my second year with Dark Galaxy, Ozark Sunrise, and Ozark Sunset, so the jury is still out on them, but last year I was underwhelmed with the flavor of any of them.
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I am growing Blueberries tomato. It doesn’t have indigo in the name, but must be the same, I guess. I last grew it in 2013. I remember I wasn’t that crazy about it being a more acidic cherry tomato. My sister liked it however, and it wasn’t bad when mixed with other cherry tomatoes in a vinaigrette salad. So I decided to grow it again this year from my saved seeds. I remember it was pretty plant, with loads of cherry tomatoes, and I grew it in a container.
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I find the taste of the indigo plants very unfavorable if you pick them at their firm dark blue stage, but if you let them ripen on the plant to at least half red they aren't as bad all dolled up in a salad with dressing. Roper , your sister is a trooper!

- Lisa
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ICD is the best tasting. To me it tasted fruity. So i will recommend it. Incidently i am growing it this season.

Happy Gardening !
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I haven't tried any of the antho cherries, outside of SunGold which does have very faint antho with long days of extreme sunshine .

Sgt Peppers is the best tasting antho I've tried, but also one of the worst tasting heart varieties, for comparison.

To get any flavor out of most varieties that I've tried, I literally have to starve the plants of water, slowly killing them.
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I made some crosses with Indigo Rose with some dwarfs a few years ago and I'm finding that all sorts of things happen to flavour of the various varieties in their generations. Some are really worthwhile additions to flavour but a few are spitters

The best improvement to flavour is when a variety has high umami, a difficult thing to describe but which chefs love to find in their ingredients. And when this is combined with other tomatoes in a ketchup or salsa, it can be amazing both in colour and flavour! Generally I think that some people will love them and some will not.

These are my Gondwana series and some varieties will be released in Australia later this year (possibly 2020 in the Northern Hemisphere, not sure yet).

Truth is colourful, not just black and white. PP: 2005
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I have not been impressed with any of the Indigos I've tried. Best Anthos I've tried are from Wild Boar Farms, Lucid Gem (very best tasting and so many colors on one fruit), Blue Gold Berries, and Blue Beauty (another GORGEOUS one). Dancing with Smurfs was the only other antho I can think of that I thought was pretty good flavor, I would say a 7.5 -8 out of 10. However, there are enough other cherries with better flavor that I would only grow it again if I had enough room to just grow for variety of color. Which I don't, so I only grow for combined taste and production, meaning they must be a solid 9 to make a repeat appearance in my garden.
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Darren Abbey
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I routinely grow Indigo Rose. I've had the results be anywhere from wonderful to meh, apparently depending on the soils I was growing them in. The best I had them taste was when they were growing in a thick clay-rich soil that I generally wouldn't want to garden with. I grew them there at that time because it was the only space I had available.
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Beautiful fruit on the vine...awful taste on the tongue. Grew several over the years they have been available, but they all have the same blaa taste to me.
there's two things money can't buy; true love and home grown tomatoes.
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