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The one year I grew it Blueberries was tasty when a ripe dark red. Small cherries. Not grown again as I have no room for ornamentals. It was very cute!
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Originally Posted by Darren Abbey View Post
I routinely grow Indigo Rose. I've had the results be anywhere from wonderful to meh, apparently depending on the soils I was growing them in. The best I had them taste was when they were growing in a thick clay-rich soil that I generally wouldn't want to garden with. I grew them there at that time because it was the only space I had available.
IR was good when roasted. The same went for Dancing with Smurfs...
Really curious now about the newer antho ones, perhaps I will end up trying ICD.
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Besides looking good, is there any health benefit to these? Is the antho in them a beneficial antioxident? Just curious.

I put some blueberries seeds into wet paper towels to get them sprouting and I already have some of the Crushed Heart from Marsha sprouted. That's got some antho, correct?
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