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General discussion regarding the techniques and methods used to successfully grow tomato plants in containers.

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Ron all of us get an off type plant or two every year. Yes it has happened to me. I had 3 of them this past season. People do make mistakes and you can get a seed or two into the wrong package. It might stick on your clothes and then fall into the mix. You can have a cross pollinated plant. After all the bees do not separate the pollen that they leave. Most of the cross pollinated seeds that I have had have given me some very bad tasting tomatoes, so I suggest that you just throw away you off-type plant and don't waste your time on it.

You should go with the two wick option. The plants roots will then want to grow down deep to get the moisture. Three wicks will make the soil too wet. Tomatoes do not like to have wet feet. I would be concerned about adding nutrients to your water reservoir for fear that algae, molds and other things might start growing as well. I also would not want water sitting in your trays because they would be adding more humidity to the greenhouse and be a place for mosquitoes to breed. This is why so many greenhouse growers use a watering system.

The links that I gave you were not for custom soil, but for custom fertilisers. I think that the soil that you have been using has given you a very nice result and if I were you would continue using it. Your plants are doing far better than they did when you were using the Tui mix.

Reistintraube is a small great tasting oval tomato and the plant will grow rampant. Has this not been being fed on the same schedule as the rest of your plants? Why would this one need special treatment? The plant looks healthy, so I would just wait and feed it the same thing as we decide in the next week. I am not sure at all that the next feeding will be with Calmag. We will 'read' your plants and see what they are telling us.

~ Patti
~ Patti ~
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