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MG Potting Soil (moisture control) always had had gnats and such as well....but I think the soil it regional to whomever wholesaler is bagging the stuff for them, so the mix in one region may be different than anothers even though it's the same *SKU*
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I used Jiffy seed starting mix last year with good results and no fungus gnats. I freeze my seed starting mix for several days during the winter to kill fungus gnat eggs and I have not had a single fungus gnat since I started doing this. I used to have them every year.

I was shopping for starting mix earlier this year and saw an organic brand that was not MG at Ace Hardware and there were fungus gnats flying around the bags right on the shelf!

These bags of mix have small holes for ventilation and the fungus gnats can easily fit through those holes and lay eggs in all of the bags.
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I have been using Metro-Mix 360 for seed starting the last few years with great success. I used to use it long ago until I couldn't find it anymore and ended up using various products I wasn't happy with. Miracle Grow was/is just too expensive for the amount I use doing both spring and fall gardens.

Metro-Mix is back in my area! My local feed 'n seed sells it. About $17.50 for a big 2.8 cu ft bag. Pretty fine with no big chunks of bark in it. Both Metro-Mix and Fafard are owned by SunGro Horticultural.
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I do not like straight seed starting mix. I actually avoid using it at all. I usually mix 50/50 for promix and perlite together for my cuttings and my seeds. I find vermiculte tends to grow algae and contribute to fungus gnats consistently.
carolyn k
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