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Default Over Thinking It - The Common Gardener

Was at moms, helping her with spring cleanup in the yard.

Kinda interesting how us *enthusiast* gardens vs. just a gardener. How many people who plant tomatoes are on a tomato forum

Anyhow, it's sorta interesting to compare. I run soil less mix to germinate, lights, liquid starter ferts, grow fert, the list goes on.

Mom, she just takes some seeds - she might start them on a wet paper towel ontop of the boiler. Or just by the window. Then she plants them outside. She's getting older so she's cut back on how many, but she would just do a milk jug greenhouse and start them outside, Water it and that's it. Nowadays, she's skipping the milk jugs altogether - bones, arthritis, too much work. She let mothers nature decide who survives and who doesn't

Just saying....maybe we're overthinking it.

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We could probably all get away with simpler methods but then there would be less to talk about. If all i cared about was eating tomatoes i might just buy them at the farmers market. Most of the fun is in the journey, and the extra work makes the reward more satisfying. And i do believe that all the extra work can turn a bad year into a mediocre one, or a good one into a great one.

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I'm into learning some simpler methods. None of us is getting any younger. You need to get your mother to join the forum and tell us all about what she does, post a few pics etc. And of course that may take a little more time than the actual tomatoes...
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I agree that you can still have great tomatoes without all of the fuss. Before I had the internet I bought my Brandywines from the local greenhouse. I also started a few seeds in my basement. I planted them out, I also had some volunteers that I would spread around. There was really not much difference in the 3 types of started plants. Those from the store produced about 3-5 days before the volunteers. The volunteers never died from frost and were much sturdier than what I produced indoors. Since all that I grew were Brandywines, I did not have to worry if the plants were all true. All of them produced well and come production time, you really could not tell the difference between which plants were started which way.
Today I can not compare my current way of growing with the gardens of the past. I grow different varieties on different soil and use other techniques and fertilizers. Maybe next year I should grow a bed of Brandywines and use my old vs. my new techniques to see if what I am doing now really makes much of a difference.
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As a person who's growing from seed for the 1st time I like a site like this. The only hard part is deciding what will work for me and my needs. I started maybe 20 or so tomatoes & pepper plants this year, of those I'll give half of them to friends. I'm really getting a kick out of starting my plants from seed. So for me I try to absorb every growing from seed tip I find here. Yes it may be overkill for some who have grown from seed for years but for me you folks always have my back... And that's not a bad thing!
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Keep it simple, I do.

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My mother saved her own tomato seed and planted them in soil in yogurt cups. No lights, just a sunny window. It worked for her but I like the way I do it with soiless mix and lights. It's a hobby and fun for me.
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I have been growing my own tomatoes for well overr 20 years but only starting my own seeds for 5 or 6. I used to scour the garden centers for heirlooms and buy whatever I could find and add them to the hybrids I would plant. But I really enjoy the endless variety I have to choose from by starting my own seeds. Some day, I might decide it is too much trouble and go back to buying plants. But although I love this forum, I don't get quite as high tech as some. I started to come here as much for information on varieties as I did on techniques.
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