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Old May 7, 2018   #1
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Default Epic day as I plant tomatoes I started!!

Today was a day I couldn't have seen coming, but it has! Some of the tomatoes I started from seeds weeks ago today were planted in my grow bag garden. For the first time ever I grew from seed, today a Jet Star, Better Boy & Black Sea Man are now spending the night in my garden! I want to take a moment to thank all who answered what at times may have seemed silly questions, and steered me in the right direction. I know its a tad early here in N.E. Wisconsin only 2 weeks ago we had a blizzard that dumped 2ft. of snow, but the snow has melted and daytime temps have been in the high 60 to low 70's. . I know we could still get frost but I'm prepared if that happens. In addition to the tomatoes being planted from seed I also got the leaf lettuce starts planted along with direct sow of peas, radishes, beets & carrots. I'm waiting on putting out the remaining tomatoes til I plant the Shish!to & Cubanelle peppers, otherwise I'll have more tomatoes than I can eat or give away to my neighbors. So that's where it stands now thanks again for all the help on seed starting, asking for help beats repeating mistakes everytime!
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It is ever so gratifying to plant something that you have started and nursed from a little tiny seed. You did well and should be proud of it. Wait until you harvest some fruit. It will taste all the better just knowing that you grew it yourself.

Yes DO be prepared for frost or even a freeze. You are pushing it especially with the cold spring that we have been having. We once had a snow storm on May 20th that made a mess of the town with all of the downed leafed out trees trying to bear the weight of the snow.

Good luck and have a great garden.
~ Patti ~
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That's great, Jetstar. As the expression goes, the first time is the hardest/ stressful/scary - the rest come easy!

Get them in soon so they can grow roots a bit before the weather gets really hot, especially in grow bags.

Do you experience 90's in your area in June? I was surprised how cool it was in August when I lived in Minneapolis. I kept waiting for the dog days of summer and it never happened.

Good luck with the season.

- Lisa
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Old May 8, 2018   #4
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Congratulations! If they're in grow bags, you could bring them in if need be. It's so exciting to grow them from scratch. As for leftovers, food banks always welcome fresh produce.

Get some organza bags, bag a few blossoms, and have your own saved seed to trade or plant next year!

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Congrats! Soon you will know so much that they will be asking you to lecture at garden clubs.
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Congratulations on your garden!! Indeed, it is really satisfying to eat and enjoy something that you raised from a seedling. Hope you have a great season!
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Join Date: Jun 2016
Location: N.E. Wisconsin
Posts: 279

Thank you all for your patience.
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