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Could you guys update where you are getting pots now and maybe a link to the pots that you are using? Novosel is no longer in business I believe and my favorite McConkey pot is not available. I ordered these

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That looks like a good price. And I see they have an even lightweight option so those
will probably not be the super thin cheapie.

I made a big change a couple years ago getting out of solo cups and so glad I did. I used
GreenhouseMegastore. And Amazon. No more rolling around. All my seed starting is now in
1010, square trays. Easy to move around and turn for better light. I have both tall square
pots and short ones. Potting up, the 1020 size trays fit 18 pots, tall and short ones. Or a
1010 square tray holds 9 pots like the micro sunflowers or micro toms.

The segmented trays need a mesh tray to stiffen but I have a ton of those.

Spent the nice weekend potting up. 4 18 insert trays, 72 toms and not nearly halfway done.
Third season with this set-up and just a few breakage from stepping on them...
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I really like SQUARE pots and mine look similar to yours Oakley!

I have 3" green square ones (from Greenhouse Megastore) that I start off with and I plant up to 4 seedlings per pot, then I pot up into taller square ones. These were all saved from various perennial acquisitions by me or my friends. (I ask a couple of friends to save square pots for me ). When potting up, I also use waxed cartons (that creamer comes in) so that I can give some plants away and not worry about getting my pots returned .

I still don't have perfect trays for these pots. I bought some opaque ones (with turquoise handles) from Walmart which fit quite nicely on the growlight stand, but there is wasted space and the middle is raised a bit so they are not perfectly flat. When I need to put more pots under the lights, I have to put them individually on the growlight trays which isn't really such a big deal except for unloading.

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I received my pots from McConkey. They are sitting in the box. They actually measure 3 5/8 by 4 deep. I like a little narrower. I loved the deep tech square pot. These are going to take a lot of soil to fill. I have 16 flats of tomatoes to sell at our plant sale.
I looked at reviews on Green House Mega store on the cut apart sheets and they were not good.
I wish I could actually see before I order.
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Originally Posted by ContainerTed View Post
I've used this one and had good prices and wonderful service.
I second this recommendation. Great service and decent prices.
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