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Default Seedling Maladies -- with Pictures

What about having a "sticky" of seedling issues with pictures to show issues we encounter? Or perhaps there is something already here? (And not scattered about hither and yon.) The excellent pics (abeit very large) that showed "lightburn" got me thinking about this. Sort of a small encyclopedia of seedling maladies. What do you think?

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Well, there are some problems I see. In many threads, someone posts a pic of their ailing plant and the responses are all over the board: it's a magnesium deficiency, could be bugs, looks like blight, etc, all from the same pic. There are a few places on the web that give pics of ailing plants and what causes it, but even there I've tried to look up my sick plant and come away with it could be a mineral deficiency, fungus, or bugs.

I'm all for the idea of having pictures of a diseased plant and the name of the disease, and how to treat it and avoid it. I just think it will be hard to do.

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