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Okay as far as I'm concerned from what I've seen it looks real to me, some here think its fake... I don't

He's had a gardening show on You Tube since he was a teenager, could he be fake? Anything is possible, but its hard to keep up a lie without someone spilling the beans, the guy seems genuine to me. As I said before in the 2yrs I've dealt with migardener I've not been disappointed and hes shown me no reason to doubt him.
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Well, I think he's as real as Jackalopes. Jetstar, some very good folks are just trying to forewarn you. Many of us have had "not so good" experiences and try to be good neighbors with fellow members of this wonderful community. You can certainly do and believe what makes you happy, but we want to caution you to try to do so with one eye on the bargain and the other eye on the driver of that train you're wanting to ride on.

If it's about the cost, I would like to thank you for thinking about the other members here. So, I'll say to you, that if you get a bad deal, tell me and I'll try to help you where I can. I have a fairly large collection of varieties and my seed box is always open to members here.

Take care and, again, thanks for thinking about members first.
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Koala Doug
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Originally Posted by Jetstar View Post
...anyway if he's a self promoter so what? Nothing wrong with tooting your own horn.

There is something wrong about people who lie for financial gain or to foster a cult of personality.

It's great that the seeds are viable for you and affordable. But you can get those exact same varieties from other sellers that are both truly honest and also act with complete integrity.
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Only trying to help people save a few cents on seeds, like I've stated before I've had no issues with seeds as you will see from some pea seeds I bought from migardener last year. Didn't know where to buty seeds would raise the hackles of so many here. If I bought the seeds somewhere else from a name brand and paid 3.00 a pack and they didn't grow I'd still be out, only it would be 3.00 not .99 cents. Here's what migardener .99 cent pea plants look like when grown... Works for me!
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