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Default Spring planting done today!

I like an early start so this morning at 4:30AM I planted the remaining plnts I started from seed 2 Shish!to pepper plants, 2 straight 8 cucumber plants and for the wife 4 seeds of scarlet runner beans. Everything I grow is done in grow bags For my indeterminate tomatoes I use the 5 to 7 gal blue Walmart bags, but this year for all other plants I'm trying a smaller 3 to 4 gal Walmart bag it depends on how much potting mix I use. Anyway spring planting is officially over!! So here's whats growing 2 Black Sea man, 1 each of Big Boy, Jet Star & Sweet 100 all determinate tomatoes. Then 2 Cubanelle, 2 Shish!to & 1 North Star all peppers along with the 2 straight 8 cukes represent all the plants I started from seed. Sown by hand leaf lettuce, beets, carrots, radishes, pole & bush beans along with peas. This is the first year I've started from seed and with help from you folks I ask myself why I waited so long to learn to do this? My biggest fear was the cost to get started I had most everything already on had to get started (I only started 23 plants from seed) my only real expense was grow lights. Now I'll never grow in large quantities as some here do but at least I was able to get through my first year of seed starting. Thanks guys & gals for all the help answering seed starting questions, it was nice to know your help was close by...
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