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Default For 2017 I'm growing from seed:

This post gave me the push to finalize my plans for the year!

Alpine Strawberries - Migonette
Alpine Strawberries - Pineapple
Asparagus - Mary Washington
Asparagus - Purple Passion
Beets - rainbow mix
Broccoli - Asprabroc F1
Broccoli - Purple Peacock
Broccoli, Purple Sprouting - Red Spear
Brussels Sprouts - Diablo (or Hestia)
Brussels Sprouts - Falstaff
Cabbage - Golden Acre
Cabbage - Red Express
Cabbage - Savoy, Abervilliers
Carrots - Botanical Interests Calliope rainbow blend
Carrots - Scarlet Nantes
Celery - Utah 52/70
Collards - MacGregor
Corn, Sweet - Picasso F1 (I've very excited to try this, it looks beautiful)
Corn, Sweet - Country Gentlemen
Corn, Popcorn - Dakota Black
Cucumbers - National Pickling
Cucamelon (or Mousemelon)
Eggplant - Asian Bride
Eggplant - Beatrice
Eggplant - Charming
Eggplant - Farmer's Long
Eggplant - Nadia
Eggplant - Rosa Bianca
Eggplant - Ping Tung Long
Fennel, bulb - Perfection
Flower Sprouts
Kale - Lacinato
Kale - Red Russian
Kohlrabi - Botanical Interests white and purple blend
Leeks - American Flag
Lettuce -
Mache - big seeded
Melon - Ha Ogen
Melon - Hearts of Gold
Melon, Watermelon - Orange Krush F1
Melon, Watermelon - Cream of Saskatchewan
(I was going to grow a winter keeping melon too but the shop I bought the seeds from never sent the seeds so I'm skipping that this year)
Mustard - Red Giant
Oriental Greens - Bok Choy (and Toy Choy)
Oriental Greens - Chinese Cabbage
Oriental Greens - Kaliaan
Oriental Greens - Mitzuna
Parsnip - Hollow Crown
Peas, Shelling - Iona Petit Pois
Peas, Shelling - Tall Telephone/Alderman
(I also have some short vareties leftover that I'll be planting in fall for a green manure crop)
Peas, Snap - Sugar Magnolia
Peas, Snap/Snow - Green Beauty
Peas, Snow - Carouby De Maussane
Peas, Snow - Golden India
Pumpkin - Black Futsu
Pumpkin - Jack Be Little
Pumpkin - Lady Godiva
Pumpkin - Lumina
Pumpkin - Rouge Vif D' Etampes
Pumpkin - Winter Luxury
Quinoa - Botanical Interests Brightest Brilliant Rainbow
Radish - Black Winter
Radish - Daikon Miyashige
Radish - French Breakfast
Radish - Giant of Sicily
Radish - Green Luobo
Radish - Pink Summercicle
Radish - John Sheepers Gourmet Rainbow mix
Radish - Watermelon
(We really like radishes)
Spinach - Lavewa (or Matador or Space...I need a spinach for summer sucession sowings and I haven't decided yet)
Spinach - Longstanding Bloomsdale
Spinach - Monstrueux de Viroflay
Spinach - Red Kitten (grown as baby greens inside over winter)
Spinach - Winter Bloomsdale
Squash, Summer - Black Beauty
Squash, Summer - Cocozelle
Squash, Summer - Dirani
Squash, Summer - Max's Gold
(We eat lots and lots of zoodles)
Squash, Winter - Delicata, either Zepplin or Honey Boat (I have seeds for both)
Squash, Winter - Galeux d'Eysines
Squash, Winter - Gold Nugget
Squash, Winter - HoneyNut
Squash, Winter - Spaghetti Squash
Swiss Chard - Bright Lights mix
Swiss Chard - Verde De Taglio
Turnip - Golden Ball
Turnip - Hakurei

And absolutely loads of flowers and herbs. There are lots of beans, tomatoes, and peppers planned.

I'm also growing for the first time this year:
Jerusalem Artichokes
Potatoes - Red Gold, Purple Viking, Pinto, Magic Molly, Rose Fir Apple
Sweet Potatoes - Beauregard, O'Henry

(Hopefully there will also be a Chicago Hardy Fig, Vern's Brown Turkey Fig, Improved Meyer Lemon, some raspberries, pineberries, red flowered strawberries, currants, and gooseberries. Maybe I will find a dwarf apple tree and a cherry tree for a good deal too.)
Books, cats, is good!

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