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Default Shifting To Maintenance

The summer garden, for all intents and purposes is in so now it's maintenance time. Here's a list of what's in:

Bush beans, Duke - 36'
Bush beans, Golden Rod - 18'
Bush beans, Serengeti - 18' (something new being tried this year)
Beans, pole, Blue Lake - on an 11' long trellis
Beans, pole, Red Noodle yard longs - 5' on the 16' trellis
Butterbeans, Alabama Black Eye pole - 11' on the 16' trellis

Corn, Silver Queen - 8 18' rows. Went in last week and popping up
Corn, Spring Treat - 7 hills in a bed. Went in early (too early?) and not doing so well this year. Had to reseed last week and they're coming up.

Cucumber, Homemade pickles - Pickles scattered them among her two sunflower rows.
Cucumber, Marketmore - 5th Gear sown some among the pole beans on her trellis
Cucumber, National Pickling - 8 hills in a bed

Eggplant Millionaire - 1 transplanted to a 15 gal pot

Okras Jing Orange and Choppee - 3 hills each. The Choppee is new to me this year. Supposedly grown by the Choppee Indians in South Carolina.

Hot Peppers, 1 each of Ancho Grande, Big Jim, Jalapeno M, Mucho Nacho
Sweet Peppers - 1 each of Alma paprika, Feher Ozon paprika, Jupiter, Sweet Banana and two plants of Gypsy.

Potatoes, Red Pontiac and Yukon Gold - 9' of each, now flowering

Pumpkin, Small Sugar

Squash, Summer - two early Prolific Straightneck and one each of Patty Pan Blend and Green Vegetable Marrow (new to me this year).

Squash, Winter - 2 each of Butterbush, Sweet Mama and Table Queen Acorn and Small Wonder Spaghetti squash.

Tomatoes - 1 each of Bella Rosa, Better Boy, Boxcar Willie, Celebrity, Earl's Polish, Early Girl Bush, Golden Girl, Homestead, Juliet cherry, Marianna's Peace, Red Siberian, Rio Grande paste, Stump Of The World, Thessaloniki paste, Warrior.

Watermelon - 1 hill each of Ali Baba and Stone Mountain

Yet to plant out:
3 Everona tomatillos. They're hardening off now.
Japanese Hulless White Popcorn, 7 hills in a bed. Going in May 4
Sweet Potatoes, Jewel - 5 hills; slips are making now for mid May planting

Field peas will follow the bush beans and corns.

Meanwhile, the cool weather stuff is still chugging along in the heat with the cabbages wrapping, the peas flowering, the collards and kale feeding us, the cauliflower actually making (!) as is the first broccolini etc. Turnips, carrots and a few beets (yes! Beets!) are in the process of becoming.
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Seeing the garden piecemeal through all your posts vs. seeing the full extent here ... makes my brain explode!
Bon Appétit!!!
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