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Default possible to simulate dry farming with containers?


While procrastinating, I read about dry farming, was intrigued and hope some day to be able to taste tomatoes grown in such manner.
Then I got to thinking, can dry farming conditions be simulated in containers?
Ran several scenarios through my head, from withholding water until soil is dry (bad idea, leads to cracking), to super long, narrow containers (think 2-4" pipes), and then it hit me as I was staring at mess of roots in my gutter self-watering setup: kratky style might be close, just perhaps would find a way to keep water only around level of the lower root tips in a long container, or keep the roots trimmed?

Hmmmm. Appreciate any ideas, brainstorming, etc, this sounds fun.

PS: to the folks who will no doubt ask "why would you do this" as is typical on the internet - because I'm curious and I'd like to know and learn and have fun.
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While reading and having fun in Farming World on the internet today; I learn at terminology for all of us Organic Farmers here at Tomatoville.

We are called "Regenerative Organic Experts, Amen!!!!.
Maybe I can get more family helpers with that Title, Amen!!
May God Bless you and my Garden, Amen
MrsJustice as Farmer Joyce Beggs
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Plants grown using this method have very deep roots. Earth boxes aren't deep enough. My tomato plant roots are already filling the reservoir.
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