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Originally Posted by asaump View Post
I've purchased some Rain Science grow bags this year. I love them so far. I believe they are built to last many, many years. I don't have an issue with drying out as I have them set up on the hybrid rain gutter grow system. A bit pricey but I think they are worth it. Currently have 8 bags but plan to replace all my bags next year with the Rain Science bags.
I checked out that rainscience link; Do they really not get gross? Mine look like the 'other' brand on the bottom. I don't know if mine get moldy, but at times there is pretty green moss growing on them. It really doesn't seem to matter to the plants at all. They just look hideous so I pressure wash them during the season. It seems like once I PW, it needs it again rather quickly.

Pressure washing is a drag at the end of the season when the mix has been removed. I should try PW with the mix inside.

This season I used a bunch of 5 gallon ones and was really successful. I was delegint with the watering / feeding.

My favorite size is still the 7 gallon.

BTW - your plant is beautiful.
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VC Scott
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I use Smart Pots. They are a bit more expensive but are made in the USA and are BPA free. They last many years.

I wouldn't eat anything grown in a Chinese recycled plastic grow bag.
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This whole thread has been a good read. I bought some 5- and 7-gallon Root Pouch bags and plan to use them for the determinates, dwarfs, and a couple of other plant types. I've got a small amount of peas started in one so that I can succession plant. I was worried about the amount of soil I might need for toms, but Mark's got me thinking positive.
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My Rain Science bags showed a bit of green but not bad. Keep in mind my stay fairly wet near the bottom as I am using them with a hybrid rain gutter grow system. I am going to try a couple of Radicle bags this year. Went back and forth on what to buy. Fabric bags are much cheaper than either rain science or radicle. Both rain science and radicle should last for years.
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