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Old May 14, 2009   #61
veggie babe
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Location: east texas
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Lisa, glad you are much better. I am sure you and your family experienced some tense moments. Now hit the garden and that will complete the healing touch, digging in the dirt is the best ever medicine.

take care and happy gardening,

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Old May 14, 2009   #62
Join Date: Apr 2007
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I can't believe i missed it !!! uhg
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Old May 14, 2009   #63
tomatoaddict's Avatar
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I'm glad you are still with us Lisa. You are still much needed. Good luck with the garden this summer.
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Old May 15, 2009   #64
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Location: cincinnati, oh
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Wow Lisa glad to hear you are ok! I live in Clifton and could have brought you a room-tomato to keep you company :-)

Getting married in 9 days, were a lil busy, but we look forward to seeing you all at the taste-fest! I started from seed this year and have done a pretty decent job IMHO.
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Old June 7, 2009   #65
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Despite my protest at the plant swap someone forced one on me called {Pink Paste}. Whoever did the deed, please retell me about it because I have forgotten what you said about it. Thanks!
"Seriously think about what you're about to do/say before you do it and the outcome will always be better." Earl
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Old July 20, 2009   #66
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I decided to close this thread and start a new one for the 8th annual CHOPTAG Taste Fest.

See ya all there.
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