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Default Red Brandywine

I have planted Red Brandywine for the past three years, and every year it has become infected with disease and the plants have all died before the end of the tomato season (a couple plants died before they had any ripe tomatoes). My other varieties all seem to make it to the end of the growing season. Has anyone else in SW Ohio experienced this problem with Red Brandywine? I have used the same seed all three years.
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Bama mater
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Mark, Sounds like you'll have to try another seed source.

You may also want to post this in Genral Discussion.
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bama reminds me when he said try another source as a friend years ago in Calif had same problem and it turned out the "seed" was diseased - I would try another source and also see if Amideutch is still on this site ( I moved to Ohio from Calif last July and have been busy with new business just now started seeds) and if has his info on diseases and what he uses - I do a lot of what he does and even though you can only get resistance using diff methods helps - at least you may get a crop+ - I also use 40 varieties of endo and ecto products that help build root system health which seems to work great

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Hey Mark,

I can a Red Brandywine to the Plant Swap for you tomorrow if you want one.
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Thanks for the offer JerryL, but I am not going to be able to make it tomorrow. I hope to make it to the Taste Fest later in the year (Aug.?). I decided to take a year off from Red Brandywine and will purchase new seed in the future and try again. I'm giving Cowlick's a try this year.
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