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It might be to Mark's advantage to get everyone at CHOPTAG who are willing to participate, and Rena of course, to grow out the plants/seeds which Mark could bring to the Choptag Spring Plant Share Meet in 2008. He could have his own little experimental group. Just a thought.
"Seriously think about what you're about to do/say before you do it and the outcome will always be better." Earl
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Default cherokee Sausage seeds

Greetings All,
I really dont mind sharing the cherokee sausage seeds. All of the plants this year are producing the same type of fruit. THis cant be said for some of the other offspring. The long skinny light pink is very variable as is the short plump purple.
The cherokee sausage is by far my most productive tomatoe. Still going strong with loads of new fruit.
As i said in the begining the name is still up in the air. My friends in New Mexico think I should call it Wessels Purple Pride. We will see.
I am not sure how I want to handle getting seeds out. Maybe I could post when the seeds are ready and announce to the list and have one big mailing instead of a bunch scattered over time. My book keeping and recorded keeping has a lot to be desired and I would hate to lose someones name. I also like the Idea of distributing the plants at the spring meeting.

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Ok everyone stand in line (behind me) LOL
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Originally Posted by fenneltop View Post
Greetings All,
I am the one who introduced several of you to the new chance cross between Cherokee Purple and Sausage.
Here is how it all started. Four years ago I notice this odd tomatoe in my patch. It didnt match anything I was growing. It was purple and pear shaped. Of course I saved the seed.
The following year that seed crop produced six distinctive varieties. The two most promising were CHerokee sausage and a long light pink. Others were varing shapes of purple.
I am loving the Cherokee sausage more and more. As someone said it looks like a puple opalka. Kind of three to four sided with a pointy tip, green shoulders that fade into purple. The flesh is increadibly juicy and sweet. The skin is very delicate.In fact it is the most delicate tomatoe I have dealt with. You just have to look at them funny and they bruise. The fruit doesnt suffer from concentric cracking but it does get some longitudinal cracking. Its a regular leafed plant with heavy foilage cover.
The name Cherokee Sausage works for me. Thats what it looks like and thats what it truly is.
I was searching for more info about Wessel's Purple Pride and found this old post from when the working name was Cherokee sausage.

Wow! 8 years ago... I am glad old posts are saved.
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