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Beautiful! So glad your doing so well. A good feeling too when you can make a couple of bucks over your costs. Really makes all the work worthwhile when you have a few coins to jingle in your pocket doesn't it. : )
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Thanks Star! Yeah, and it is starting to happen so fast. I've had several opportunities to sell large amounts to wholesalers but just don't have enough. I could double my profits if I had a tunnel full of greenhouse hybrids. When I add a few more crops like salad mix & root crops, plus all the new flowers I will be adding, I think I could actually make quite a bit of profit next year.

One big game changer this year is we have met so many great farmers that are always looking to help or offer advice, including connecting us with other distributors. It is also nice to see how other backyard farmers actually make a living doing this (with 5 kids no less) so that makes us really feel like it is in reach. I don't even plan to go full time for 3 more years, so I have plenty of time to build a customer base, learn, and gather all the tools/equip I need. Then if all has went well the retirement comes out and I'm going full time.
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