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Default Golden Berries

As part of my Chi Kung class this past weekend we had a speaker on nutrition .....

various food was passed around, including a nut/dried fruit mix that included "Golden Berries". I quite liked their flavour, the sweetness of raisin with a sharp hit of lemon ..... much to my surprise the package id these morsels as Chinese lantern Physalis peruviana, P pubesscens, or P. edulis

never thought drying would result in such a tasty treat!!
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I love golden berries. They mature a little late here in Slovenia, but I can manage if I start them early enough (end of January, beginning of February). I've never tried drying them because I don't grow many plants, just about 10.
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They take a long time but are so beautiful!!! must be started early in NE US, self fertile, can be held in dormancy over the winter even. the leaves are so much prettier to me for some reason, than other physalis.
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Love the inca berries, but don't have any Peruvian gooseberry this year... next year, if I can find the space for it!
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