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Originally Posted by EarlyBird View Post
The contents of my bucket system do get stinkier and a bit slimier than it would be in a regular heap. While I was preparing my plot over the fall and winter, I placed the buckets over the spots where I knew I would plant so the tea would drip into the ground. I'll be finding a way to catch the tea now.
Indoors winter composting a worm bin works. I'm still using the same one I purchased 15yrs
ago when I lived in the city. Without worms to digest the vegetable matter I would think it
would stink and take a while to break down. Even so, I did have to toss some bags in the
freezer so the worms could catch up with so much veg matter. Helps if some compostables
is the dry stuff from juicing. Really chopped up.

I had to build a big wooden lidded box for mine with some drilled air holes to keep
the pups out of it.

Lots of DIY worm bin ideas out there.
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Originally Posted by Nan_PA_6b View Post
I own two tumblers They take a lot of work & mess out of composting. It takes forever to turn stuff into compost. I had to add compost starter to get results. But you just have to spin the compost every day or two and water occasionally. But what to do with all the compostables that accrue during the intervening months?

Trench Compost.
When my heaps are full, I just trench compost. Worms, plants, love them regardless and it breaks down pretty quick
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